When it comes to paying for college, we’re 在这里 for you

From filing a FAFSA to understanding your financial aid options, you can count on ku娱乐真人体育平台下载’s admission and financial aid teams. 

At Davenport, we don’t want you to lose sleep over how to pay for college. 这就是为什么ku娱乐真人体育平台下载要做ku娱乐真人体育平台下载学费和费用负担得起 在支付大学学费方面,帮助学生找到尽可能多的资源. More than 95% of our students receive some form of financial aid for college. 

We invite you to explore this page. 如果你有关于如何支付大学学费的问题,请ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 financialaid@littleposhparties.com 或致电 866.774.0004


Paying for college with ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 Scholarships

Beyond federal financial aid for college, ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 scholarships offer you another path to paying for college. 每年, ku娱乐真人体育平台下载提供超过1500万美元的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载奖学金和基金会奖学金. 不像许多其他的经济援助选择,你不需要偿还奖学金. If you’re wondering how to pay for college, these merit- and need-based scholarships may be just the answer.


Financial aid for college starts with filing a FAFSA

支付大学学费的第一步是提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA)表格. Filing the FAFSA is the only way to receive federal financial aid for college, 比如联邦拨款, 勤工助学和贷款. By filing the FAFSA (Davenport ID Code 002249), you also provide valuable data that helps us determine your eligibility for ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 scholarships and other ways to pay for college.


Estimate costs with the 大学净价格计算器

Are you wondering how much money to save for college? 大学净价格计算器可以帮助指导你在计划如何支付大学学费的早期阶段. With the 大学净价格计算器, 你可以估算ku娱乐真人体育平台下载的学费,以及你申请大学财政援助的资格.

When filing a FAFSA, enter Davenport’s identification code: 002249
We award $15M+ in ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 scholarships each year
95% of our students receive some kind of financial aid for college

Experience the Davenport difference:



Davenport never wants paying for college to be painful. That’s why we do all we can to keep 学费和费用负担得起. 消除你和以事业为中心的ku娱乐真人体育平台下载教育之间的任何经济障碍, we also offer financial aid options, 包括 ku娱乐真人体育平台下载 scholarships.

Learn more about tuition and fees at Davenport



Help to understand the cost of attendance

如果你不知道要花多少钱上大学,你怎么知道要存多少钱? When it comes to paying for college, knowledge is power. 在ku娱乐真人体育平台下载ku娱乐真人体育平台下载帮助你知道如何支付大学费用,通过给你提供工具,比如 大学净价格计算器 and the 的成本 Attendance (COA) Budget.

Learn more about the 的成本 出席的预算 



Easy-to-find forms for financial aid options

We want to make paying for college as stress-free as possible. 这就是ku娱乐真人体育平台下载列出了一份大学助学金所需文件清单的原因之一. 你会发现从贷款申请表到退伍军人申请表的所有东西都准备好打印了!

Find the forms you need to secure financial aid for college




When it comes to how to pay for college, particularly financial aid for college, ku娱乐真人体育平台下载知道你们有问题. 这就是为什么ku娱乐真人体育平台下载列出了这个全面的常见问题清单. From filing 你FAFSA to questions related to COVID-19, this financial aid 常见问题解答 should have all of your answers. 如果不是,就 问ku娱乐真人体育平台下载

Find the answers to your financial aid for college questions



Additional financial aid information related to COVID-19